Digital Influencer Bootcamp

Digital Influencer Bootcamp

What: This is a five-day intensive and rigorous course designed to offer

youthful entrepreneurs an opportunity to generate income from industry

and clients through blogging, social media content creation and social

media management.

Why: Two emerging trends in Kenya make attending this training event

a very attractive proposition:

First, increasingly, companies are adopting the strategy of turning to

social media as a platform that offers effective efficient and affordable

communication avenues to reach their customers.

Second, in the run-up to and during the 2017 general elections in Kenya

political parties and politicians in Kenya will increasingly have to adopt

innovative ways of reaching the masses with their campaign messages

through new media platforms as a strategy for political marketing.

Bloggers and social media exponents will profit from this cyclic event.



Why attend

Kenya has migrated from analog to digital and the money has followed

suit. Come and learn how to generate significant income by assisting

companies and clients attain their business objectives through blogs,

content creation and professional social media management.

As a young person with time and a future we will confer you skills to

become a magnet for the biggest brands which recognize the significance

of digital marketing as the route to reaching out to target markets and

customer acquisition in this age.


The Opportunity

There is immense potential in blogging and social media


1. Blogging for travel-related business

2. Political marketing for political parties

3. Political marketing for election aspirants

4. Campaign blogging

5. Blogging to promote Kenyan golf

6. Blogging for real estate and construction industry

7. Automotive blogging

8. Cause-related blogging

9. Food and restaurant blogging

10. Shopping tips for youth

11. Manage online reputation and Image for VIPs.

Key Topics

For an investment of only Ksh. 20,000/- (Twenty Thousand Only) you

will interact with subject matter experts who will impart technical

implementation skills on the following key topics:

I. Generating awareness

II. Influencing e-commerce

III. Propelling online conversations

IV. Form movements

V. Inspire people to action

Take Home Package:

1. Your very own registered .ke domain

2. A ‘live’ blog page with professional input on WordPress platform.

3. Knowledge of rich HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript effects to create

web objects

Digital Influencer Bootcamp

Tag Line:

Date & Time:

0830 – 1700 Hours

Intel College, Genral Mathenge Road, Westlands, Nairobi.


Ksh. 20,000/- (VAT exclusive)

Course Director 1:

To be announced

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